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Welcome to the Oakley CAD Services Ltd Website providing details on our services relating to Computer Aided Design along with Building Information Modeling and Management.

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Delivering PAS 1192

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Paul Oakley BA(Hons) Dip Arch RIBA.


PAS 1192 defines the specification from the UK Government regarding the delivery of BIM. It is intended to be adopted for both public and private procurement first in the UK and then worldwide. This specification dictates the structuring of design data through the use of various British standards such as BS1192:2007, BS8541 parts 1 to 4, etc… as well as the delivery of design data in new formats such as COBie. But what does this actually mean for the BIM modeller and the Design teams?
This paper explores the impact of PAS 1192 on the software user producing BIM data. They are now authoring data not just for the production of drawings, but specified structured data that can aid the construction process and the delivery of life cycle management, whilst also having to comply with British Standards.
The paper explores how BS1192:2007 CAD terms, such as containers are translated into BIM software terminology. It will also provide guidance on how BS8541 impacts content creation and parameter definitions, as well as exploring how this is translated into data structures and the implications of this for exporting data in formats such as COBie.
The paper will review how projects should be structured in order to work within the enhanced common data environment (CDE) defined with PAS 1192. It will also review the impact of the “status” and “purpose” requirements on those delivering data and the rigor and roles that this will create.
PAS 1192 and the defined British standards define a structured process for the creation and delivery of BIM data. The process must be understood; followed; delivered and authenticated for the savings identified by the UK Government to be achieved. To Quote a phrase "This is not just about BIM, but it’s all about BIM…"

Keyword: Building Information Modelling, Public Available Specification 1192, British Standard 1192, UK Government BIM Strategy

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Layer Maker 2015 

NEW Updated OCSL Layer Maker (AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT 2008-15) - May 2014

Available from our ONLINE STORE

Ensure your company works to a standardized Layer standard by using Layer Maker for AutoCAD and AutoCAD Lt. 

For use with AutoCAD based products such as AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and even AutoCAD LT, Layer Maker creates layers and defines their properties based upon a standardized Microsoft Access database. This allows standardized layers to be created from a centralized source for all your project teams. The Application can be configured to follow various industry standards whether that is the AIA standard, ISO 13567 (AIA), BS1192 part 5 (Cisfb), BS1192: 2007(Uniclass 1.4), CP 83 or your own bespoke company or clients standard.
The default version uses the online BS1192:2007 Uniclass Version 1.4 classification.
The application can be purchased either with standalone or network license options from our Web shop or contact us by email to place an order at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Or Download the Exe version using the link to the zip file below

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Paul Oakley

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