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OCADTools for AutoCAD

Oakley CAD have written a series of utilities to aid with managing AutoCAD Standards from Layer Managers to dwg file clean up routines which were given the label of "Sheep dip" by one specific client. These tools have now been brought together under the application name "OCADTools" and incorporate a variety of Utilities.

Layer Routines

In order to create and control Layers there are a series of Layer creation tools to add Layers in accordance with the standards set in your database. Either CiSFB / Uniclass / AIA / Bespoke Layer standards can be incorporated.

Add Layer Templates

Choose the specific Layer Template required and insert all Layers based upon the template chosen.

Layer Name Extension

Utility to rename Layer between different defined layers standards.

Block Routines

Block Replacer

Block Replace to swap to change a block to another type individually, to change all blocks to another type globally and also change their scale.

Duplicate Block Checker

Duplicate Block Checker to remove duplicate blocks

Sheep Dip Routines

These are a series of utilities aimed at cleaning up drawing received from external sources and include routines to:

  • Global Rename - to remove text strings or illegal characters from the names of Layers, Blocks, Line Types and Dimension Styles.
  • Color Change - This sets all objects in the current drawing (including those in blocks) to either color by layer or the chosen color.
  • Line type purge - This purges a line type by first removing any objects or layers that are associated to it. The line type is changed to either a default of continuous for Layers and By layer for objects or else by User choice.
  • Mtext Override - This removes any style overrides within the selected Mtext.

Coordinate Tools

Add Coordinates

Coordinate Add to Add Coordinates at a specified point.

Update Coordinates

If the insertion point has been moved then update the coordinate blocks.

Coordinate Renumber

Re Number the blocks by selecting in order on screen

Car Parking Tools

Supplied with a series of Dynamic Car Parking blocks this routine counts the number of car parking spaces and update the attributes. A variety of car parking spaces including disabled and various angles are incorporated.  

Custom Requirements

We generally include many of our routines with either our "Implementation package" or "CAD Management Services". They can also be purchased directly if required,

Oakley CAD can  also write routines to be either run on a single or batch of dwg files to meet your requirements. Often these routine will save your company many man hours of time.

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